Reusable Packaging Systems in Nelson-Tasman 

 What’s happening today, what’s possible tomorrow?

Report commissioned by Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council

AUGUST 2022 

About this report

Reusable Packaging Systems in Nelson-Tasman: What’s happening today, what’s possible tomorrow? provides a qualitative overview of the current scope and future potential of reusable packaging for food, beverage and other household goods in the Nelson-Tasman region, and highlights practical opportunities and recommended actions to grow the uptake of reusable packaging. 


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Nelson Tasman Reusable packaging systems

This report was commissioned by Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council to help inform future waste minimisation planning for the region and to outline practical opportunities and recommendations to support reusable packaging systems in the region. 

Reuse Aotearoa undertook both desktop research and interviews with key stakeholders in order to:

  • Paint a picture of the current reusable
    packaging activity in Nelson-Tasman.
  • Outline the benefits, barriers and opportunities to establishing, sustaining and expanding reusable packaging systems in the region
  • Recommend actions that local government, businesses and industry groups could take to support the uptake of reusable packaging activity.

The research for this report was completed with the support of Para Kore kaimahi, Lani Rotzler-Purewa.



Report contents

The report contains four substantive sections:


  • Section 2: Scene setting that describes some of the reusable packaging systems in the Nelson-Tasman region for food, beverage and other household products, and in the hospitality sector.
  • Section 3: The benefits and barriers to establishing, sustaining and scaling reusable packaging systems in Nelso-Tasman, as described by interviewees.
  • Section 4: An overview of the local and national opportunities that could be harnessed to scale and expand reusable packaging activity in the region, as well as practical opportunities highlighted by interviewees.
  • Section 5: Recommended actions that could be taken to harness the opportunities to grow reusable packaging. These actions are grouped for local government, for businesses and industry groups working collectively, and for suppliers and producers, hospitality, tourism and accommodation providers, retailers, and the courier/postal service.

Read the full report here.

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